Italia - Islas Eolias (Sicilia) - al menos 7 personas heridas en un terremoto de poca profundidad moderada

Terremoto comentario Informe:

Actualización de 14: 51 UTC: Italian sources indicate that at least 7 people are injured in this moderate, but shallow earthquake with epicenter at the Southern tip of Isola Vulcano, an active volcano island.
Las autoridades están revisando los pueblos si se ha producido algún daño en viviendas e infraestructura.

Actualización de 15: 17 UTC: A number of landslides have injured people. The earthquake has been felt also on the Sicilian coast. Renato Schifani, the Italian Senate chairman happens to be in the area (on vacation) and follows the situation personally. The Italian Civil Protection Agency is in continuous contact with the mayors of the towns closest to the epicenter (like Lipari) to find out if there is more damage or injured people.
Este sismo leve pero poco profundo se está rompiendo el ambiente de vacaciones en este hermoso archipiélago.

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Actualización de 15: 54 UTC: Stones from the landslides have been tumbling down nearby boats enjoying the beautiful blue waters, narrowingly next to the boat of the Italian Senate chairman.
Most of the landslides happened in the Valle Muria area on the island of Lipari. When the shaking started, people ran in panic into the streets. For a lot of tourists, on visit in the Eolian Islands, this must have been a scary experience.
Personas 7 hasta el momento se han confirmado recibir auxilios para lesiones muy leves.
A lot of the Italian Rich and Famous own condominiums on one of the Eolian islands, especially at the islands of Panarea and Lipari.

Enlace a un artículo publicado en La Repubblica de Palermo con una imagen del polvo del derrumbe

Google earth 3-dimensional view on the landslide area

Google earth 3-dimensional view on Isola Vulcano, the volcano and the epicenter location

Panoramio imagen del cráter Vulcano y la isla de Lipari, donde se puede ver los acantilados donde se produjo el deslizamiento de tierra

Extract of our first report, just after the quake happened :

A very shallow earthquake of Magnitude 4.5Â just occurred in the waters of the Eolian islands.
Agosto es el mes turístico en las islas Liparian, por lo que mucha gente se ha sentido el temblor.
The epicenter is located on the shores of southern Vulcano island, a still active volcano. The Italian authorities are very alerted on the whereabouts of this volcano, which is seen as 'possible to erupt' in the (near) future.

The Eolian islands are an island archipelago in between Sicily and Italy. The islands are or active or dormant or old volcanoes. The most famous volcano on the islands is Stromboli volcano, constantly active since long time.

Read our full report here (we have issued a first report just after the quake occurred)